Vintage brass cutlery


Vintage stained brass effect flatware

Set of 4 pieces: knife / fork / spoon / teaspoon

NB. Only for photographic use, no food use

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Brass plated cutlery with vintage effect

Set of 4 pieces: knife / fork / spoon / teaspoon

Ideal for food photo set, these cutlery in true vintage style transform every table into a country set



1. The product is made in a non-serial way so the color will not be completely uniform and there may be scratches related to the type of vintage processing.
2. The product is made of non-stainless steel, and it is good to handle it with care. It must be placed in a dry and ventilated place.
3. Washing should be done using soaps with a pH between 11 and 11.5. Dry immediately when used with moist or wet food.
4. This product is decorative to be used for photo shoots only, not for food use.
5. Made in China product, processed and shipped from Italy.


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